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Special thanks to all the people who came out for the 2nd Chance Tournament and the Championship Tournament and helped with scoring and paperwork. You are much appreciated!


Year end Banquet at VFW

4/26/14 at 3:00 pm



Red Division

1st Moose Creek - Bullshooters

2nd VFW - Won

3rd Badger Den - Wall Wreckers

2nd Chance *Ivory Jacks - Free Parkers

Blue Division

1st Badger Den - Dart Slayers

2nd Moose Creek - H54Bshooters

3rd Moose Creek - Just 4 Fun

2nd Chance *VFW - Young at Heart


2nd Chance Tournament

Congratulations to the winners!

Red division

4th Ivory Jacks - Free Parkers

5th Refinery

6th Badger Den - Dart N 4 Fun

7th Moose Creek - Mama's Kids

Blue Division

4th Elf's Den - Work-a-Holics

5th VFW - Young at Heart

6th Elf's Den - Just the Tip

7th Badger Den - Flunkies

Red Lantern Match-up

RD Moose Lodge - Mauraders Vs. BD Speedway Flights & Shafts


Good Luck to everyone!!


Year end Banquet at VFW

4/26/14 at 3:00 pm


Cooper's Landing Tournament


at Sunrise Lodge in Cooper's Landing.



Chatinika Blind Doubles Tournament


at Chatinika Lodge


Moose-Goose -N- Mosquito Tournament

at Tug Bar mile 18.5 Knik-Goose Bay Road

Wasilla, AK


If you need details please call or email Melody Dalbec.



*Remember steel darts are considered deadly weapons, we will not allow members to throw darts at any person. (Even at someones feet.)


This is a zero tolerance offense, action will be taken!


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